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    • 2019 Beginning Beekeeper Mentorship Class Registration

    2019 Beginning Beekeeper Mentorship Class Registration

    • 23 Oct 2018
    • 12:00 AM
    • 04 Jan 2019
    • 12:00 AM
    • online registration ends 1/3/19 - at this site



    This is where you sign up for the opportunity to be in the 2019 Beekeeper Mentorship Class. 

    We encourage all who are interested to register. However, in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our program, there are a limited number of class spots available. To help us find who is sincerely interested, we are requiring a brief quiz be completed as part of the registration. Details are under "Additional Information" in the email sent to you upon submitting this registration.


    Due to the anticipated high level of interest we will for the moment not accept any applications past this time.

    To register, click on the orange "Register" button to the left and when completed, CONFIRM your completed registration.

    Beekeeping and this class require both a time and a financial commitment. Beekeeping is not easy and not cheap. You will often get sweaty. You will sometimes get stung. Don't start this thinking to make money. It can be rewarding and fun, but you should think of it as "bee farming." There is a lot to it. 

    1. TIME: This mentorship program will meet once a month for several months on nights or weekends, There will be a few hours in a classroom session, sometimes with a follow-up session in the bee yard, or vice versa. 

    2. FINANCIAL: The cost for the program will be about $500.00. The cost depends on our suppliers' bee and equipment pricing for 2019, and will include everything needed to establish a Spring bee colony. It does not include your personal protective equipment (such as veil, jacket and gloves). Your training is a free service of our association, provided by unpaid volunteers.

    If you are interested you should register now. We also encourage you to attend our TVBA meetings held at 7 pm Eastern time, on the fourth Monday of each month at the Red Bank Presbyterian Church, 4320 Dayton Blvd., Chattanooga, TN 37415. 

    If you have questions contact me, Doug Eckert, at . 
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